Gov. Walker stops at State Fair, leaves for debate without answering questions

WEST ALLIS — Gov. Scott Walker has left for the presidential debate in Cleveland without answering questions about whether he knew he was suspected in 2011 of committing felony misconduct in office.

Walker appeared Thursday, August 6th at the opening ceremony of the Wisconsin State Fair outside of Milwaukee. He spoke less than five minutes, and left without taking questions from reporters.

A court filing Wednesday showed that investigators in 2011 suspected Walker of a felony related to a lease deal that happened while he was Milwaukee County executive. Investigators named Walker in the 2011 request for a search warrant related to the John Doe investigation. Walker was not charged and the probe closed two years ago.

At that time, prosecutors believed there was probable cause that Walker and several others committed felony misconduct in office.

The new details are part of court filings. A former Walker aide is suing John Doe prosecutors after her home was searched during the investigation.

Walker said in his comments that many people asked why he chose to come to the fair the morning of the first presidential debate, and he says it's because he loves the annual event.

“The Wisconsin State Fair combines the best of the best when it comes to Wisconsin fun,” Governor Walker said.  “This 11-day event draws attendees not only from across the state, but across the nation.  The State Fair is an event that brings people together.  It’s fun and affordable for the whole family.  With 30 stages for free entertainment and activities, special events every day, livestock auctions and shows, delicious food, great music, and fun rides, your friends and family are sure to find something they’ll love at the Wisconsin State Fair this year.”

In addition to kicking off the State Fair, Governor Walker also proclaimed August 6, 2015 – August 16, 2015 as “State Fair Days.”

FOX News announced Tuesday the following candidates will participate in the debate:

    The following seven candidates will not be taking part:

      Those seven candidates will appear together during a debate earlier Thursday evening.

      FOX relied on national polling data to split the group of contenders.