Gov. Walker seeks help from Pres. Obama on propane shortage

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Governor Scott Walker on Thursday, January 30th asked the Obama Administration for help with the state's propane shortage.

“We went through the list I sent to the President and checked off all the things I’d asked for assistance on.  They’re acting on it, our partners are, so we’re glad to see that,” Gov. Walker said.

250,000 people across the state of Wisconsin use propane to heat their homes -- and those that use propane are now paying some three times more than normal.

Gov. Walker spoke with one of President Obama's advisors about an hour before the President landed in Milwaukee on Thursday to speak to hundreds of workers at GE’s Gas Engine Plant in Waukesha.

“The federal government’s gonna help us out with rail service and some other federal restrictions,” Gov.  Walker said.

Gov. Walker says the Obama administration also set aside $450 million dollars to go the state's low income home energy assistance program.

On Monday, January 27th, Gov. Walker met with representatives from the propane industry and state leaders — calling this “a serious situation.”

Following the meeting, the Governor has: