Gov. Walker says Trump hasn't invited him to speak at GOP convention, not sure he wants to

PEWAUKEE -- Governor Scott Walker says he hasn't been invited to speak at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July -- but he's not exactly jumping up to volunteer. Walker is one of many Republicans concerned about Donald Trump.

Governor Scott Walker

Walker on Monday, July 27th, on a business tour in Pewaukee, said he isn't sure he would speak at the convention even if Trump asked him to.

"It all depends on what the parameters are. If I can talk about my concerns about (presumptive Democratic nominee) Hillary Clinton, then I`ll probably talk about that," Walker said. He didn't say if he would be willing to promote Trump.

Some Wisconsin Republicans say Walker is doing the right thing by keeping at arm's length.

"If he would have to go there and sing the praises of Donald Trump, it would do him no good," said GOP strategist Brian Fraley, who is opposed to Trump and wants convention delegates to choose another candidate. "It is not the Donald Trump coronation."

Speaking slots are generally coveted and reserved for big names and rising stars in the party. Walker spoke at the 2012 convention.

This year, some Republicans are undecided about taking the stage on Trump's behalf. Congressman Sean Duffy of Wausau endorsed Trump, but yet, when interviewed by the website Politico about speaking at the convention, Duffy said "I haven't thought about it."

Walker said the convention isn't his focus.

"I`ll be leading the Wisconsin convention at the national convention. But our number one priority for my party is to make sure Ron Johnson gets elected to the United States Senate," Walker said.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

National polls released over the past week show Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by between five and 12 points. Clinton led Trump by seven points in Wisconsin, according to the most recent Marquette Law School Poll.