Gov. Walker says no date set for meeting with Milwaukee Co. D.A.

WAUKESHA (AP) -- Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says he voluntarily agreed to the Milwaukee County district attorney's request to meet with him about a secret investigation that so far has led to charges against five of Walker's former close aides and associates.

Walker made brief comments Monday after a public appearance in Waukesha. They were among his first following an announcement Friday that he would meet with District Attorney John Chisholm.

Gov. Walker said he did not meet with prosecutors Monday -- and he would not say when the meeting will take place. He said his campaign has been cooperating with the investigation for over a year, turning over thousands of emails. He says the criminal attorneys he's hired won't be paid for with taxpayer money but wouldn't say where those funds would come from. He also said when he was county executive he made it clear privately and publicly that no county employee was to do campaign business on county time and equipment.

The investigation has created a potential vulnerability for Walker, who faces a potential recall. "We've been cooperating with (investigators) for more than a year now, and ultimately, this is the next step in terms of our cooperation. We'll certainly make it dependent on the people looking into this, and we're cooperating with them to make the announcement on that. As you know, from this process, they have certain terms of what can and cannot be said, and we'll leave it up to them," Walker said.