Gov. Walker says he's not stepping into the issue after Trump administration requests voter information

WAUWATOSA -- More than 40 states are refusing the Trump administration's requests for voter information.

Election officials in Wisconsin say they'll give up certain information, but only if the federal Election Integrity Commission pays for it, like anyone.

On Tuesday, July 4th, Governor Scott Walker said he's not stepping into this issue.

" The bottom line is the commission is independent from me, so it's one of those where they're following the guidelines and the rules. The things they can make available, they make available. The things that require a financial commitment, they've asked for that. I'm at arm's length from that purposely. You don't want a politician, you don't want a Republican or Democrat directly involved with the election commission," Walker said.

The Trump administration wants state voter data, including birthdays and the last four digits of social security numbers for a voter fraud investigation.

Officials with the Wisconsin Elections Commission said because of an administrative rule, the feds would have to pay $12,500.

State law blocks Wisconsin from giving out a voter's date of birth or social security number.

President Donald Trump tweeted about the denials earlier this week, questioning what almost every state in the country has to hide.