Gov. Walker says he's confident Act 10 will stand

WAUWAUTOSA -- Gov. Scott Walker discussed the latest Act 10 ruling for the first time in public Wednesday, September 19th. On Friday, a Dane County judge ruled parts of Act 10 (the law that effectively ended collective bargaining for most public workers) are unconstitutional.

At a ribbon cutting event Wednesday, Gov. Walker said he's confident those who support Act 10 will win an appeal, and Act 10 will remain on the books.

Gov. Walker also said the law is working, and pointed out how MPS is already saving money because of Act 10.

"MPS pointed out that they cut their unfunded liability in half. They saved a billion dollars in unfunded pension liability because of reforms in the last year alone. That's money that goes away if the law is not ultimately upheld," Gov. Walker said.

Tuesday, Wisconsin's Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen requested a stay, or hold on the law while it continues to go through the appeals process.

If the ruling is not put on hold, it could open the door to unions negotiating new contracts with employers while the legal fight continues.

Both sides have said they are struggling to understand the ramifications of the ruling that came down late Friday afternoon.

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