Gov. Walker launches attack after attack at Mary Burke over outsourcing; Now, Burke launches attack of her own

MADISON (WITI) -- On the offensive. So far, in the campaign for governor, Scott Walker has set the tone, tenor and topics of debate -- focusing on outsourcing for the last month. Now, Mary Burke's campaign believes it has found an issue to fight back with: Governor Scott Walker's jobs pledge.

"To go from losing 130,000 jobs to gaining more than 100,000 jobs, I'll take that debate any day, any time, anywhere in the state of Wisconsin," Gov. Walker said.

Up until now, Gov. Walker has been the aggressor in the race for governor. He initiated a three-week stretch of attack after attack over the issue of outsourcing at Burke's family company, Trek Bicycle.

Now, Burke is throwing a punch of her own -- landing a haymaker on what Democrats see as one of Gov. Walker's vulnerable spots -- job creation.

"The ad is all about the facts, and sometimes for careeer politicians like Scott Walker -- who make promises to win elections, the truth is hard to swallow. The truth is, we're dead last in the Midwest in terms of job creation and we're nowhere close to the promise that he made," Burke said.

Gov. Walker says he's maintaining the 250,000 jobs goal -- and argues he's made significant progress given the political upheaval and national economic challenges during his first term.

"We're still committed to aiming for that. We set out that big goal because under Jim Doyle and Mary Burke's policies we lost so many jobs, that we had to do something dynamic and set a high bar, both to make up for that and go forward," Gov. Walker said.

The primary election is on August 12th.

Burke faces state lawmaker Brett Hulsey in the battle for the Democratic nomination.

Gov. Walker is assured of the Republican nomination, and says he'll be working 18 to 20-hour days completing official duties and campaigning up until the election in November.

The latest Marquette University Law School poll -- released on July 23rd shows the Governor's race is a dead heat -- with 47% of likely voters supporting Burke, and 46% of likely voters supporting Walker.

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