Gov. Walker, Barrett have full slate of public appearances

MILWAUKEE -- Wisconsin voters go to the poll in a historic recall race in about a week. On Monday, May 28th Gov. Scott Walker and Tom Barrett had a full slate of public appearances. Each found different ways to connect with voters.

Without a mention of the election he faces in just seven days, Gov. Walker spoke to families of fallen military veterans on Memorial Day.

"Since 9/11, more than 33,000 members of the armed forces -- active duty and reserve guard -- have proudly fought and served, and more than 160 have paid the ultimate sacrifice. On behalf of a grateful state, we say thank you each and every day," Gov. Walker said.

More than 100 people came to shake Gov. Walker's hand after his speech, but he did not take questions from reporters.

"It was all about the veterans, which is what it should be about today," Dan Pelate said.

Meanwhile, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett had a busy campaign schedule traveling from Beloit to Black River Falls -- and to Brat Fest in Madison. Barrett used the family festival as a backdrop to underscore a point. He says he can do things Gov. Walker can no longer do.

"Once he became so contentious as a public person, I don't think he wants to do that anymore. I don't think he could come to an event like this without people being very angry with him," Barrett said.

Both Gov. Walker and Barrett are also getting ready for their second and last debate this campaign season. They'll square off Thursday night, May 31st at Marquette University Law School.