Gov. Tony Evers seeks federal disaster declaration for 3 counties

MADISON — Gov. Tony Evers on Tuesday submitted a federal emergency declaration for three southeastern Wisconsin counties for $10 million in damage caused along the shore of Lake Michigan by winter storms last month.

Evers asked President Donald Trump's administration for the declaration to cover Milwaukee, Racine and Kenosha counties for damage from the Jan. 10-12 storms that included large waves and shoreline flooding.

About $10 million in damages where repairs were eligible for federal reimbursement were identified by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Wisconsin Emergency Management. Initial reports estimated $30 million in damages to public infrastructure, but only a third of that met the threshold for federal money.

If approved, communities could recover 75% of the costs to rebuild public infrastructure and clean up debris following the storms from the federal government. The state and local communities would pay for the rest.

The program is not for businesses or homeowners as the level of damage in these areas do not meet requirements for federal disaster relief, Evers' administration said.