Gov. Scott Walker says he's looking forward to next debate, 'Fall Fest' with Trump and other Republicans

MILWAUKEE - Gov. Scott Walker said he was looking forward to a Republican unity rally in Elkhorn this Saturday, Oct. 8 which will feature GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The event will mark the first time House Speaker Paul Ryan and Trump will campaign together. The event is a fundraiser for the Republican party in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District, which Ryan represents. U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, who is in a tough re-election fight, is also confirmed to attend.

“We’re going to be there at the Fall Fest and certainly talking about the full ticket – from our efforts to win the White House back with Donald Drump and Mike Pence, to the statehouse, all the way down to the courthouse,” Walker said.

With the second presidential debate looming Sunday, Oct. 9, Walker said he hoped Trump would study Pence’s performance in this week’s vice presidential debate.

Walker was the stand-in for Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine during Pence’s debate preparations. He said the two met weekly before Tuesday’s debate.

“I’ve heard nothing but good things about Mike Pence’s performance the other night. And I think a lot of people are hoping Donald Trump will try and emulate a little bit of what Gov. Pence did,” Walker said.

Walker made the comments at an event promoting small business Thursday morning in Milwaukee.