Gov. Scott Walker looks back on the challenges of 2011

MILWAUKEE -- Governor Scott Walker has been named "Governor of the Year" by the Governors Journal, and what a year it has been from recounts to recalls, protesters and policy changes.

Governor Scott Walker joins FOX6 WakeUp News to discuss the challenges that Wisconsin faced in 2011 and his plans for moving forward.

When asked about his "Governor of the Year" label, Gov. Walker states, "We tried to come in and fix something, we saw an incredible challenge the state of Wisconsin faced, both economic and fiscal crisis earlier this year."

Gov. Walker states that during this past year the state government has stepped up and made decisions that thought more about the next generation, than just about the next election.

When asked about the recall, Gov. Walker says that he has a plan and positive outlook for the future, and that he sees the recall as an opportunity. Gov. Walker is looking at the recall as an optimist, saying it gives him a chance to layout the groundwork for what he has done, and how it's working.

Looking forward, Gov. Walker plans to help create 250,000 new jobs by 2015.