Gov. Scott Walker joins motorcycle "Patriot Tour"

OCONOMOWOC--Hundreds of bikers hit the road to pay tribute to U.S. military veterans Saturday, September 1st. They were joined by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

"It's not hard to get me on my motorcycle, but to do it in such a way with such a patriotic theme and such a great commitment (is special)," Gov. Walker said.

Gov. Walker rode with the bikers to Cottage Grove near Madison.  The group is part of the Patriot Tour. Riders pass a flag from state to state and raise money for wounded veterans and their families.

"So many here today are veterans or have sons or daughters, relatives of some sort in the military. It's just a special bond," Gov. Walker said.

The tour started at the Wisconsin Harley Davidson Store in Oconomowoc on Memorial Day.  It will end there with the flag flying above the store Saturday, September 1st.

"The point is just to bring Americans together underneath the colors of the flag and around those that defend everything we hold so beloved," organizer Bill Sherer said.

Together, the bikers ride as one and paid tribute to those who have served in the military.  It's a moving tribute for World War II veteran Vincent Didderich.

"It's quite an honor to be sitting here and have them come here," Didderich said.

The Patriot Tour will start again on Memorial Day next year.