Gov. Scott Walker calls Democrat Tony Evers 'pathetic' over cursing

MADISON — Republican Gov. Scott Walker is calling Democratic challenger Tony Evers "pathetic" for using a curse word in his Democratic Party convention speech over the weekend.

Walker reacted on Twitter Monday to Evers' comments. Evers told about 1,300 convention attendees in a speech Friday night that he was "goddamn sick and tired of Scott Walker gutting our public schools, insulting our hard-working educators and destroying higher education in Wisconsin."

Evers is state superintendent of schools and one of 10 Democrats running for the chance to take on Walker.

Walker says in his tweet that "It's pathetic seeing what has become of Tony Evers. He used the Lord's name in vain this weekend -- apparently to look tough at the convention."

Evers' campaign manager Maggie Gau says in reaction, "Speaking of pathetic, look at how desperate Scott Walker has become." She says he would "rather play wordsmith than do his job as Governor."