Gordy the Groundhog's 1st prediction says spring is on its way

Groundhog Day at Milwaukee County Zoo 2019

MILWAUKEE -- Saturday, Feb. 2 marked Groundhog Day 2019... and with the cold weather, many people were looking for any signs of spring. Luckily for Milwaukee County Zoo goers, Gordy the Groundhog's first-ever prediction was a good one.

"I predict that we are going to have spring early," said Mary Marcou, Menomonee Falls.

Roland Knaflic

"I think it's going to be spring because it's not sunny out," said Roland Knaflic, Eagle.

The hype to find out what the 10-month-old, eight pound Gordy will predict surrounded the zoo Saturday.

"I would deck my office out," said Susan Nemacheck, Saukville. "I have posters. I have songs. My entire walls are covered in groundhog memorabilia."

It's Gordy the Groundhog's first holiday -- and first-ever prediction as a furry, so-called meteorologist.

Groundhog Day at Milwaukee County Zoo 2019

"I think he'll be a little shy today because he's not used to the big crowds, but I think he'll do OK," said Marcou.

He made his debut -- but was the stage fright setting in?

Groundhog Day at Milwaukee County Zoo 2019

"A little scared there!" said Kevin Buckley, Racine. "He's like, nah, not feeling it."

Gordy knew how to work up the crowd, building up the anticipation -- and after a few minutes, he came out of his barn.

Groundhog Day at Milwaukee County Zoo 2019

Chuck Wikenhauser

"He was a little hesitant to come out at first, but he did make the right prediction," said zoo director Chuck Wikenhauser. "He didn't see his shadow, and spring is on its way."

After an exhausting day, Gordy gets his peanuts -- and Milwaukee gets an early spring.

"He'll be a star for years to come, for sure," said Buckley.

While Gordy was a little bit shy at first, he made a prediction many are happy about.

Groundhog Day at Milwaukee County Zoo 2019