GOP delegates gear up for battle with a storm named Isaac

MILWAUKEE -- The Republican National Convention gets underway on Monday, August 27th. But right along with it is Isaac, the tropical storm that could turn into a hurricane by the time it reaches Tampa, Florida. That has Wisconsin GOP delegates and volunteers from the Red Cross preparing differently than they normally would.

The umbrella and rain coat have been added to the list of items to be packed for the Republican National Convention. But Wisconsin GOP delegates seem to be taking it all in stride.

"It doesn't really change too much for me. I think the important part is inside for me anyway. So, I'm not worrying about it," said Kathy Kiernan.

Patty Flowers from the Southeastern Wisconsin Red Cross is also ready for the convention and the storm as nine volunteers are already in Tampa or on their way.

"It's so fluid it's depending on the path of the storm. It's depending on whether this Isaac gets organized or not. So all of that is still up in flux," said Flowers.

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is also going to the convention with his umbrella. But he won't be there as a delegate. 

"I'll be doing a fair amount of media hits, just laying out, just describing the problems, describing our solutions so the American people understand why it is Republicans are running," said Sen. Johnson.

Kiernan and a number of other Wisconsin delegates leave early Saturday morning for Tampa. As for the Red Cross, they have vehicles and other equipment on standby in case they are needed.