Google, Amazon, and Apple add new ways to protect your privacy

Here is how to use new settings from Google, Amazon, and Apple to better protect your privacy.

We’ve seen report after report of contractors listening to your voice commands and history logs that go back way too far. In response, Amazon, Google, and Apple all have some new tools to help you protect your privacy.

Google Maps Incognito Mode

Want to pause your Google Maps search history for a bit? Try the new Incognito Mode. It works in the same way it does on your web browser: activate it and the places you go and the things you search for in Maps won’t become a part of your permanent record.

To activate it, open Google Maps, then tap profile picture in the upper right hand corner and choose “Turn on Incognito Mode.” This feature is widely available on Android, it’s rolling out to iOS devices.

YouTube Incognito Mode

There’s a similar mode now built into YouTube. Just open the app on your phone and tap your profile picture in the upper right hand corner.  Next, tap where it says “Turn on Incognito.”

Now, the videos you search for and watch won’t be saved in your history.

This can come in handy when you hand your phone to your kid and they want to watch Minecraft building videos – your recommended page won’t be filled with their stuff.

Delete Google Assistant Voice History

Google now lets you delete the things you’ve said to Google Assistant just by asking.

You can say:

“Hey Google, delete my last conversation”

“Hey Google, delete today’s activity”

Hey Google, delete this week’s activity”

Google will instantly erase whatever you’ve said in that time frame from your account history.

Delete Alexa Voice History

Amazon has introduced a similar feature for its Alexa devices, but you have to activate the feature first before you can use it.

To do that, go to

Under Privacy Settings, choose Review Voice History. Toggle the switch next to “Enable Deletion by Voice.”

Now, you can use voice commands like:

“Alexa, delete what I just said”


“Alexa, delete everything I said today”

Siri Privacy Options

Finally, Apple has added new Siri privacy controls in the latest version of iOS 13.

If you don’t want employees to review your recording to improve the service you can opt out. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Privacy > Analytics and Improvements. Toggle the switch off next to “Improve Siri.”

If you want to delete what you’ve already said to Siri, open Settings on your iPhone. Then go into Siri and Search > Siri and Dictation History and hit the Delete button.