Good Samaritan shot & killed while trying to help stranded driver during storm: "I want to know why"

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police say a 43-year-old man was killed in a shooting near 8th and Atkinson on Monday evening, December 28th, while he was assisting a stranded motorist during the winter storm that dumped a total of nine inches of snow in Milwaukee.

It happened around 6:30 p.m.

Fatal shooting 8th and Atkinson

The circumstances surrounding this fatal shooting seem a bit unreal. The victim was shot while serving as a Good Samaritan, helping a driver stranded in the snow.

However, police do not believe this shooting was a random act. They say the shooter and the victim knew one another. Police say the shooting was a result of an ongoing dispute.

Clifford Morgan seen via surveillance video inside gas station near 8th and Atkinson

Wearing just a hat and a sweatshirt, 43-year-old Clifford Morgan, also known as "Blue" made a quick run Monday evening to his neighborhood gas station near 8th and Atkinson.

"He`s going to play his lottery right at the station and come right back home. But he didn`t make it back home," Morgan's mother Patricia Morgan said.

Morgan's mother didn't hear him return. Instead, she heard gunshots.

"Pow, pow, pow," Patricia Morgan said.

Patricia's other son came running home.

Gas station near 8th and Atkinson

"He come back running about five minutes later yelling 'Mama, Mama, Blue`s been shot. Mama, I think he dead,'" Patricia Morgan said.

His life was taken while he was trying to do a good deed.

"He was supposed to be helping somebody push and get out the snow," Patricia Morgan said.

Clifford Morgan seen via surveillance video inside gas station near 8th and Atkinson

Surveillance video shows a vehicle with its headlights on get stuck on the snow while trying to pull into the gas station.

Morgan can be seen looking out the glass doors before going outside to help.

That's when police say Morgan was approached and shot by an unknown suspect.

Clifford Morgan seen via surveillance video on the left walking towards stranded motorist seen on the right

"I don`t have words for how sad that is that his life would be taken while being a help to someone that need help," Diane Stowers said.

Stowers says it was strange not to see her regular customer on Tuesday.

"He kept us laughing -- always happy and joking. He is one that will be missed," Stowers said.

"I want to know why? Why would they do that to my child?" Patricia Morgan said.

Clifford Morgan

Morgan's family and police ask that anyone with information in this case give them a call.

The stranded driver involved in this incident was not hurt.

Fatal shooting 8th and Atkinson