'Glad to be able to help:' Greenfield church holds drive-up mask distribution

MILWAUKEE -- A Greenfield church gave away hundreds of masks Saturday, May 16 in a drive-up distribution -- a task that is close to its pastor's heart.

Keith Cogburn

"This, only recently, has become a very special issue for me," Pastor Keith Cogburn of Layton Avenue Baptist Church said. "One of my children, as a matter of fact, has coronavirus."

His daughter has tested positive for COVID-19, and his father passed away due to complications from the virus.

Saturday, he was one of several church members at Layton Avenue Baptist Church handing out free masks as part of the drive-up.

"I'm glad to be able to help, in this way, if only to help somebody not to get sick," he said.

Layton Avenue Baptist Church drive-up mask distribution

Layton Avenue Baptist Church drive-up mask distribution

This is the third giveaway the church has done. Each time, they've handed out hundreds of the cloth masks -- from kid to adult sizes -- handsewn by church members. Cogburn said they gave away about 900 masks on Saturday alone.

After the Wisconsin Supreme Court shut down the state's "Safer at Home" order, Cogburn believes the demand for masks is higher.

Layton Avenue Baptist Church drive-up mask distribution

"It's become pretty obvious that there's going to be some stores and places of business that will require masks of people," he said. "We're hoping it'll be helpful and, by the demand, we think it certainly is."

Cars were lined up to get the masks, Saturday -- many in line thankful for the resource. The church still has more masks available if you or your family need one. CLICK HERE for contact information.