Get snowblowers prepared to handle the winter load

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- With the cold temperatures comes an increased chance for snow. That was evident on Monday, November 25th. But is your snowblower ready to handle the winter load?

When snow falls, the workers at Gielow's Lawn and Garden Equipment in Milwaukee get really busy.

"With the snow that we've had, the little flakes that have come, it definitely gives the up-tick in business for both sales and service," said sales manager Mike Gielow.

In the Gielow's repair show, four, full-time maintenance workers will be busy way past Thanksgiving with maintenance and repair jobs. That kind of backlog is typical this time of year. Most snowblower problems stem from bad fuel.

"Any fuel that is in the machine for 30 days or more is susceptible to having starting issues," said Gielow.

If your snowblower just doesn't work anymore, there are plenty of options for you. Prices range from $350 for standard models to $2,300 for convenience features like easy directional controls and heated hand grips.