Germantown police: "Rocket motor shell" discovered at Waste Management recycling facility

GERMANTOWN -- Germantown police are issuing a warning after a "rocket motor shell" was discovered at a recycling facility.

According to police, on December 21st around noon, staff at Waste Management on Grant Drive in Germantown contacted police requesting assistance with the shell that was found at their facility after someone apparently placed it in a recycling container and it was unknowingly transported to the facility.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Unit responded and took custody of the shell, which they determined posed no risk.

Police said "it should go without saying that this is not the way to dispose of items like this."

If you happen to find an item like this, you're asked to contact police so they can deal with them with minimal disruption to the public and businesses.

Police said they do not know where this rocket motor shell originally came from.