Generac sends generators to Sandy-affected areas

WHITEWATER -- As Hurricane Sandy makes landfall Monday, October 29th, millions of people across the eastern seaboard braced for widespread power outages. Meanwhile, Generac Power Systems in southeastern Wisconsin is working nonstop to send thousands of generators out east.

At the company’s primary distribution center in Whitewater, orders have been rolling off the shelves around the clock.

“We are running three shifts right now -- shipping products out to support our dealers and retailers in the affected areas,” Art Aiello, Public Relations Director for Generac said.

Since late last week, both production and distribution have significantly increased to meet the added demand.  As Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast Monday, widespread power outages were expected, likely leaving millions of people in the dark.

“Storms are becoming more severe.  The power grid is suffering from age and a lack of investment, so power outages are really more of a rule than the exception,” Aiello said.

Aiello says the manufacturer has shipped out tens of thousands of portable generators by the truckload -- different sizes to various states out east.  Those are the products with immediate requests.  Customers, though, are also investing in permanent home standby generators for after the storm’s passing.

“We are really trying to always have products available to help consumers -- especially at times like this,” Aiello said.

Right now, the company's 2,200 employees in Wisconsin are working overtime, on the line and in the office.  Some are even volunteering to serve as customer service reps both over the phone and in the field out east.

“We're volunteering our time to help with customer calls and to help where we're needed most,” Aiello said.

This marks the fourth major weather event on the east coast in the past 14 months to which Generac has responded.

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