Gee's Clippers cancer screenings 'a chance to catch things sooner'

Gee's Clippers in Milwaukee held its second annual free skin, hair and nail screening event Saturday, Feb. 4.

The event, sponsored by Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin, focused on screening people for certain types of cancers.

Sponsors said the goal is to help people of color gain access to cancer screenings.

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"We know that people of color have poorer outcomes if they get something like a melanoma or a skin cancer, and the reason that their outcomes are poorer probably has to do with them not coming for, not having the diagnosis made early enough," said Dr. Olushola Akinshemoyin Vaughn, assistant professor of dermatology at MCW.

"If they come to a screening, we have a chance to catch things sooner, and we have a better chance of giving them the right treatment and bringing them back to health."

The group is looking to expand the event to other locations in the future.