Gardening tips to increase your success this year

Spring has sprung – which probably means you're thinking about gardening. Melinda Myers joins FOX6 WakeUp with some tips to increase your success this year. 

--The #1 Way to Increase Your Garden Success this Season  

-- Spring in Wisconsin means the weather is all over the place. how do we manage when there's frost one morning and 80 degrees the next?

-- Keep water on your property for plants to use and helps reduce the risk of basement flooding and stormwater sewer overflows.

--Incorporate compost to improve drainage  

--Strategies for quickly building soil

--Lasagna gardening method - build soil w/ plant-based kitchen scraps, landscape trimmings, compost and fertilizer. Layer the materials like you would for lasagna & plant when the season begins.

Melinda could do a tabletop demonstration.

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