Game of 'Paranoia' has officials urging parents to talk with kids about making good decisions

FRANKLIN -- Franklin police are urging parents in their community to talk to their kids about making good decisions. Here's why.

Officials posted to Facebook on Friday, May 4 a notice of a "game" that is being played by some high school students.  The post explains it this way:

"The game is called "Paranoia." It is essentially a water fight involving six person teams of students matched against other teams in a bracket type format.

"Paranoia involves trying to get the clothing of opposing team members wet with water (usually using large squirt guns). If someone from another team gets your clothes wet, you are out of the game. There are safe zones including on school grounds, at school events, inside your home, and inside your place of employment. If you are not wearing clothing, you are always safe...which leads to some of the community issues that may arise."

As a result of this game, the police department has been getting calls of reckless driving, suspicious vehicles/persons, prowling, trespassing, and public nudity. On Friday morning, Franklin police say they received a call about students running around naked in a subdivision while playing Paranoia before school. As a result, three students were taken into custody and were cited for disorderly conduct.

Officials stress this is NOT a school sanctioned event.