GAB to ask for an extension in recall process

MADISON -- In a memo Friday, the Government Accountability Board’s director, Kevin Kennedy, advised the board that it should ask a Dane County judge for more time to finish going through recall petitions.

Currently, the board needs to be done by March 19 under a court order, but after meeting on Monday, the GAB could ask a judge for an extension to April 6 on Wednesday.

If the judge grants the request, recall elections would take place on May 15, 2012 for primary elections and June 12, 2012 for the general election.

The Wisconsin Democratic Party vehemently disagrees with any extension because in its view it only helps Governor Scott Walker.

“It advantages (Walker) to have a delay because it it allows him to leverage the only thing he has left, which is corporate cash,” Graham Zielinski the Wisconsin Democratic Party communications director said on Friday. “He’s lost the people. He’s lost credibility. He’s lost any support he’s had here in the state. So he’s waiting to buy time and by doing this, the GAB gives advantages to Scott Walker and we don’t think that’s right.”

But the Republican Party does not see it the same way because the say that the governor chose not to challenge any signatures and is ready for a recall election.

“We’re confident that the governor is going to win. We’re prepared as we have been for the last 14 months to do this,” Rick Baas, the Vice Chair of the Milwaukee Republican Party said. ” We’re prepared. We’re ready. Our candidate has a record he’s going to stand on and we’re going to be behind him.”

If the extension is not granted, the primary elections will take place May 1, 2012 with the general election taking place on May 29, 2012.