Fundraiser to help shooting victim's family exceeds expectations in Racine

RACINE -- "The lines started forming about a half hour before we opened the doors."

Even before the One Big City, One Big Family fundraiser began at Horlick High School in Racine on Friday, Thomas Stark, the organizer of the event was in awe of the support he was seeing from the people of Racine.

"On a really sad day in Racine, I look in the field house and I just am gleaming with hope for this city, that there is hope for everybody. And we really brought it together today," Stark said.

Shirts with the "One Big City, One Big Family" on the front and "Lift Us Up, Cary Us Through" on the sleeve, a tribute to Cary Robuck, the Racine native who was killed in the salon shooting Sunday October 21, were being sold for $10.

The shirts sold out shortly after the fundraiser started and all the proceeds will go to the Robuck family.

"It makes me really happy to know how many people were here," Stark said before the second half of the event got underway.

"I can't believe the money that people are willing to hand over and give. There's individual donations that are coming in that aren't attached to shirts," Cherie Griffin, the Executive Director of the Women's Resource Center in Racine added.

Griffin was with the Racine County District Attorney and the Racine County Sheriff selling shirts, but also offering help to those needing help with domestic violence issues.

"For the 3 of us to be at the same table is pretty darn awesome because that speaks volumes to the community that in Racine County we're serious about ending domestic violence," Griffin said.

"There are places for people to reach out to and the support teams for victims to go to especially during these times where we actually really recognize the need for these support teams," Christopher Schmaling, the Racine County Sheriff said.

Griffin and Schmaling urge people to talk with them about their safety resources and talk to them about their individual circumstances so that another domestic violence incident doesn't take someone's life.

Stark's goal was to raise $10,000 for the Robuck family.