'Full House' cast goes 'Full Quarantine' in viral video

SAN FRANCISCO -- Curious what you're favorite sitcom families are up to during the coronavirus outbreak?

Danny Tanner, Uncle Jesse, Joey Gladstone and the whole 'Full House' crew (save for Mary Kate and Ashley Olson) took part in a viral Tik-Tok video that showed a familiar "family" going through quarantine.

The Tanner family and friends remake their iconic show's intro by showing themselves doing some typical quarantine tasks. Like Jodie Sweetin -- also known as Stephanie Tanner -- taking a nap, and Bob Saget -- or Danny Tanner -- using some hand sanitizer before getting ready to clean.

Original cast members from the 90's sitcom, John Stamos, Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, Candace Bure, Jody Sweetin and Andrea Barber all took part in the spoof.

Candace Cameron Bure -- starring as DJ Tanner in both "Full House" and Netflix's "Fuller House" -- posted the video to her Instagram saying "the virus, unlike Full House, will go away."