Fuchs pleads guilty to avoid trial in child abuse case

OAK CREEK -- Nicholas Fuchs reached a plea deal on August 31st to avoid a trial on child abuse charges. Fuchs is the Oak Creek man who was accused of abusing his girlfriend’s two young children, ages four and five. 

The criminal complaint in the case says from January through October 2011, Fuchs abused the children without the mother knowing, while he lived with her in Oak Creek.

Fuchs allegedly put one of the children in a running clothes dryer on multiple occasions -- this, for wetting their pajamas. The children also told police Fuchs would hit them on the bottom of their feet with a spoon and put their feet in a tub full of hot water.

In the plea deal, Fuchs agreed to plea guilty to three charges of child abuse and one charge of second-degree recklessly endangering safety. In exchange for those pleas, a false imprisonment charge and a strangulation and suffocation charge were each dropped in the case.

Fuchs is scheduled to be sentenced on November 2nd. He faces up to 74 years in prison and $165,000 in fines.

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