'From Milwaukee with love:' KAPCO collecting cards for frontline workers, seniors impacted by virus

GRAFTON -- A Wisconsin-based manufacturer is looking to try its hand at a different kind of production -- heartfelt thank yous and love in the form of a card.

"It isn't necessarily manufacturing in our walls, but it's manufacturing based in everybody else's walls," said Jim Kacmarcik, president of KAPCO Metal Stamping. "We're calling upon everybody to create cards and letters and materials that we can then get to our senior citizens and to our healthcare providers."

As the coronavirus continues to separate and isolate people, the manufacturing group is looking for ways to close the gap.



"Our goal is to gather tens of thousands of these cards and letters from all over the area. And hopefully go bigger than southeastern Wisconsin at some point in time," said Kacmarcik. "Our hope is we are sending these in bulk to New York, and to Florida, and to California, all around the country -- from Milwaukee with love."

All you have to do to participate is send your message to KAPCO, and they'll be delivered to frontline workers and senior citizens.

"Just showing people that we care, and we love them, and that we're thinking of about them at this time," Kacmarcik said. "We're coming, as a community, and we're going to show our support for you."

It's a manufacturing job that we can all contribute to.

If you would like to send a card or post a video on KAPCO's Facebook page, here's how: