Free museum offers new "hands on" exhibits!

RACINE (WITI) -- A museum where you can put your hands on some of the artifacts, and it's free! The Racine Heritage Museum actually offers both. Thursday, August 28th, a group of kids tuned into the tactile experience, as the museum's curator of education, Cheryl-Maraccini leads them through a lesson.

"We want to make it interactive. We want to make it friendly for all ages, and kids love to touch things," said Maraccini.

The kids are enjoying the new exhibits.

"It's, like, really cool, 'cause you can find out what happened back--way back when, and then see what happened, like slavery," said Kiran Shimp, a young visitor at museum.

In fact, the museum's underground railroad exhibit is linked to the newest waterways exhibition, both at the museum, and in Racine County History. Those in shipping and agriculture made connections which would serve fugitive slaves as they made their way to Wisconsin, and beyond.

"It was a network that existed that became a tool that was used to, to move the movement along," said Paulson, executive director at the Racine Heritage Museum.

"Racine County is probably the most diverse community, in terms of its ethnicity, and culture, also in terms of its manufacturing output," Paulson said.

At the museum, the diversity is on display, everyday.

"You can learn about the Racine Belles, and the 'League of Their Own' baseball teams. You can learn about astronauts, and you can learn about inventors, and you can--you can find a story that matters to you," said Paulson.

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