Fraud at the West Allis Farmers Market: Farmers duped by fake $50 bills

WEST ALLIS (WITI) -- Fraud at the West Allis Farmers Market. Police are investigating after several farmers were duped by counterfeit $50 bills.

It happened last Thursday, August 21st. About a dozen farmers took the fake money.

Police say the suspect went from booth to booth, buying small amounts of product. He would then get real money back as change.

"One of the vendors at the farmers market actually was able to recognize one of the bills as being counterfeit. It seems to have led to other vendors talking and they realized that they, too had received the bills and they, in turn called the West Allis police," West Allis Deputy Chief of Police Bob Fletcher said.

Police say they have a description of the suspect -- and are working to identify him.

Police are looking into whether the suspect was working alone.