Franklin police issue warning after suspicious man reported near The Rock Sports Complex

FRANKLIN -- Franklin police are warning residents after taking a report of a suspicious person near The Rock Sports Complex on Monday evening, April 30.

According to police, shortly before 5 p.m., the man, 60, who was employed as a subcontractor was conducting site inspections at The Rock, and upon leaving the area, police say he stopped his vehicle and asked a boy playing basketball in his driveway if the boy wanted to play basketball against him.

The boy went into his house and the man left the area.

Police found the man and his rental vehicle in The Rock's parking lot, and he indicated he'd left the area around 5 p.m. after he was done working and went to the bar at The Rock before officers met him in the parking lot.

According to police, his employer notified investigators and indicated he's no longer employed -- and should have no reason to be in the area near The Rock.

He's described as a white man with gray hair and a mustache. He was driving a yellow SUV with Wisconsin license plate number 614-ZHM. He also owns a blue Ford van with license plate 858-ZNJ.

He's been warned by police not to return to the area.