Frank Jude Jr. faces charges after alleged domestic incident

WAUWATOSA (WITI) -- Frank Jude Jr. of Wauwatosa faces six charges in connection with a domestic violence incident that occurred at his home on N. 121st Street in Wauwatosa.

34-year-old Jude faces the following charges:

    A criminal complaint in the case says officers showed up to Jude's home in Wauwatosa on June 20th, and spoke with a woman who says Jude is her live-in boyfriend.

    That woman told officials Jude uses cocaine, and said he became upset because she would not get him any Adderall -- according to the criminal complaint.

    The complaint says the woman told officials Jude became upset with her, and grabbed her neck with one hand, "trying to hurt her," and squeezed her neck to the point that she could not breathe.

    The complaint says the woman said Jude frequently chokes her to try to control her, but says this time was more severe than normal.

    When the woman broke free, she told officials she went into the bedroom to pack up some of her belongings -- at which time Jude choked her again, according to the complaint.

    The woman described the choking as Jude using one hand, and squeezing her neck, causing her to not be able to breathe, and was seeing stars and was close to blacking out, according to the complaint.

    The complaint says the woman told officials Jude was accusing her of being a CI (confidential informant) -- before he is accused of forcing the woman onto the floor, punching her and striking her with a belt -- according to the criminal complaint.

    The woman said at one point, Jude held her with a knife to her neck, and threatened that if she ever went against him, he would kill her and her son, according to the criminal complaint. The complaint says the woman told officials Jude told her he enjoyed beating her and wished he would have killed her -- saying he would have no problem serving prison time if he killed her.

    The woman told officials she waited until things settled down, and then packed her things and moved out on June 21st.

    The complaint indicates after moving out, the woman says she has received approximately 30 voice messages from Jude -- some of them threatening.

    When FOX6 News spoke with Jude by phone Wednesday evening, he called these accusations lies.

    "That's a fabrication in and of itself. I can take a lie detector test at your studio. I never choked her. I never slapped her. None of that kind of stuff. " Jude said.

    Jude says he was helping out a former co-worker, allowing her to live in his home when she was down on her luck. Jude says the woman attacked him, and claims the accusations now against him are motivated by money.

    "She's big time in debt, and she's trying to find a quick dollar. That's all there is," Jude told FOX6 News.

    This latest incident comes after other incidents involving police responding to Frank Jude's Wauwatosa home.

    In January, Jude turned himself in at the Milwaukee County warrant desk on charges of knowingly violating a domestic abuse order and violating a domestic abuse injunction.

    Also in January, Wauwatosa police blocked off a portion of the neighborhood near Jude's home because there was a report of a possible robbery in progress.

    A delivery man discovered an open door at the home. Police say because they believed a robbery may have been going on and because there was a lack of direct communication with those inside, they staged a tactical situation. That’s before two guests inside the home came out.

    In December, two women went to Jude's home and allegedly caused a disturbance. Police cited Theresa Chaparas for operating while intoxicated and Mary Santiago was arrested for disorderly conduct.

    At the same time, Jude himself was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

    In January, Jude was charged with violating a domestic abuse injunction. The complaint said he repeatedly texted and called a woman after being ordered not to.

    Jude allegedly did not show up for a police interview. He told the detective by phone, “I’m not gonna sit in jail. I didn’t do nothing.”

    Jude’s name may be familiar because several Milwaukee police officers were convicted for their involvement in beating Jude outside a house party in 2004. The officers accused Jude of stealing a police badge. In 2012, the Milwaukee Common Council approved $2 million to settle Jude’s federal lawsuit.