FOX6 News talks with WI natives in Sandy's path on east coast

EAST COAST -- As Sandy reached the east coast on Monday, October 29th, FOX6 News tracked down several people in the path of the storm -- each with ties to Wisconsin.

FOX6 News spoke with individuals in Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts and New York hunkered down inside their homes or hotels, with emergency food and supplies on hand -- waiting for the electricity to go out -- and the storm to pass.

In Waldorf, Maryland, Traci Warner described the torrential rainfall outside her door.

"It's freezing cold outside.  The wind is getting heavier.  The rain is getting strong.  My dogs won't even want to go outside, and I have 100-pound dogs," Warner said.

In Boston, Barb Blake snapped a picture of the skyline mid-morning. By mid-afternoon, all she could see from the same window was rain.

"Wasn't even hitting the ground. It was just horizontal in the air.  It's like a really bad snowstorm," Blake said.

Mass transit was shut down in many cities. Kathryn Rudolph from Mukwonago described the empty streets of Astoria Queens in New York City.

"There are no taxis on the road right now. The buses are completely shut down and the subway is shut down," Rudolph said.

On the 26th floor of a Brooklyn highrise, UW-Madison graduate Rachel Ganani braced for a possible power outage that could last days.

"That's my primary concern with a baby -- having fresh food and being able to supply formula and whatnot," Ganani said.

In Columbia, Maryland Whitney Watts said tree branches on her property were falling.

"It feels like my house is in a dishwasher. The wind is just blowing the leaves everywhere. The branches are pretty much sideways," Watts said.

In northern Virginia, Allie Matthews had her phone service knocked out before a scheduled phone interview with FOX6 News.

Everyone FOX6 News spoke with said the streets were empty Monday, and no one was at work. Each said they were prepared to lose power, and said stores were packed as they gathered supplies this weekend. One woman said she wanted to buy a generator but found they were sold out.

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