Fox Point lawn decor thefts force owners to lock things down

If you've driven along Lake Drive in Fox Point, you probably know the home. The front yard is filled with decorations, from giraffes to dinosaurs. 

The attention it's been getting lately hasn't all been good. Someone stole thousands of dollars worth of decorations, from lions to leopards. The homeowners say it won't get in the way of them doing what they love.

"Trying to give back," said Jack Cheeks. "Trying to be different."

It's hard to miss Jack and Marguerite Cheeks' colorful front yard.

"We just started doing it, and it took off," said Marguerite Cheeks.

The decorations range from dinosaurs to dragons, pterodactyls up above, and little ants below.

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"These are my little babies," said Jack Cheeks.

The Fox Point yard along Lake Drive has been bringing smiles to people for a few years.

"There's so much out here to be enjoyed," said Marguerite Cheeks.

Lately, the home has been getting some unwanted attention.

"It's not about one little thing being taken," said Jack Cheeks. "Everything can be replaced."

Thousands of dollars worth of sculptures were stolen, everything from lion cubs to a giraffe, a flamingo and a leopard.

"When I think about it I think... oh, come on!" said Marguerite Cheeks.

The latest theft happened earlier in June. The Cheeks installed cameras and started to tie things down.

"My dinosaur, I've got locks on the legs so that can't just pick it up and walk away with it," said Jack Cheeks.

They've created a GoFundMe page to help replace some of the stolen art.

"I'm a disabled veteran, and that's all I like doing with my life is try to make other people happy because it makes me happy to see a smile," said Jack Cheeks.

An effort to continue bringing joy for as long as they can.

"I don't think I'm going to stop doing what I'm doing," said Jack Cheeks.

Police are aware of the thefts.