Fond du Lac K9 Grendel, shot in fatal standoff retires

FOND DU LAC (WITI) -- A Fond du Lac Police dog who was shot in a deadly standoff three years ago is now retired. A ceremony was held in honor of K9 Grendel on Tuesday, April 8th.

K9 Grendel worked with Officer Ryan Williams for the last eight years. Both were shot in the same standoff.

Another officer, Craig Birkholz, was killed during the shootout. He was also honored at Tuesday's ceremony.

Williams says Grendel has done a great job, but says, now it is time to take it easy.

"I can start to see the kind of physical drain now. I mean, he's got that excitement. I don't think that will ever go away, but you can see the hesitation when he jumps into the squad car, and you don't wanna retire him when he's crippled. You want him to be able to enjoy some of his retirement, just like we wanna be able to enjoy our retirement," Williams said.

Grendel will live out retirement at Williams' home.

A new K9 officer and handler will take over for the department starting next month.