Fond du Lac County storm damage; flash flooding swept roads, cars away

Flash flooding was the big concern in Fond du Lac County after storms moved through the area on Saturday, June 22. The flooding swept away roads, even cars. 

You can't miss the sound of hard work on Garnett Road in the Town of Eden. One neighbor after another is cleaning up storm damage. 

"It's awe-inspiring, the amount of water can do so much damage, said Jeff Whitney.

Cell phone video shows the road turned into a raging river after 7 p.m. Saturday.

"My driveway is officially gone," said Whitney.

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"This amount of water in a short period of time doesn’t happen very often," said Cody Maeder.

Cody Maeder says the amount of water and its force surprised him. He believes the rushing water could have stemmed from another nearby property.


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Severe weather, including thunderstorms and possible tornadoes, hit southeastern Wisconsin on Saturday, June 22.

"They have an event going on. That they made for parking and the runoff came from that field and ran down into our little subdivision. Even that farm flooded out, too," said Maeder. 

 The rushing water was so powerful it moved rocks and asphalt. It even washed away these two huge metal culverts from underneath this driveway.

 The Fond du Lac County Sheriff's Office says it was busy Saturday with numerous food-related calls. Deputies say a car was swept off the road. The driver was able to get out before his car was submerged in a creek. 

"Everyone was checking on everybody. Offered a place to stay," said Maeder. 

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 Back on Garnett Road, you can hear the hard work and relief. 

"Bad things happen to good people all the time. No one got hurt, which is nice," said Maeder.

 People whose driveways were impacted say they will work with insurance to get them fixed. 

County officials are asking you to take an alternate route if you come across a closed road.