'Focus on safety:' Riders give Lime scooters a test run at training session

MILWAUKEE -- Lime scooters is taking steps to make sure riders follow the rules which ultimately could determine whether the scooters will stick around Milwaukee.

Lime held a series of training events meant to show people how to safely and responsibly operate the scooters.

On Saturday, Aug. 10 dozens of people lined up for the training session near the Summerfest Grounds. Riders learned how to safely operate and park the scooters. They also received a free Lime helmet.

Because some people aren't following the rules, the City of Milwaukee isn't allowing any more scooters to hit the streets beyond the 500 Lime scooters that are already out there.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett says the best way to keep the scooters in the city, is to follow the rules.

"The biggest issue by far has been people who disregard the law that says you can't ride the scooters on the sidewalks. The scooters are intended to be ridden on bike trails and in the street, not on the sidewalks," Mayor Barrett said. "I want to make this work. I want this to be a city that embraces many forms of transportation including scooters... but it will only work if people abide by the law."


The City of Milwaukee announced Saturday, August 10 it will approve two additional companies for participation in the City’s Dockless Scooter Pilot Study. DPW will approve the pilot applications for Bird and Spin as early as Monday, August 12.

“We will continue to focus on safety and on addressing the concerns,” Mayor Tom Barrett said. “I am pleased scooter companies are working with their customers to increase awareness and ensure safe riding for everyone on our streets and sidewalks.”