Flight situation at Mitchell International Airport improving after Sandy

MILWAUKEE -- In the aftermath of Sandy, concern remained Wednesday, October 31st regarding flights into and out of Milwaukee's Mitchell International Airport.

Lloyd Benson from Boston landed in Milwaukee Wednesday. He told FOX6 News his flight from Logan International Airport was worry-free.

"(The airport) was closed all day Monday when the storm hit. A few flights got out (Tuesday) and (Wednesday) was absolutely normal," Benson said.

Ryan McAdams, the public relations coordinator for Mitchell International Airport says while about eight flights from Milwaukee to New York and Newark were cancelled Wednesday, the situation in Milwaukee was improving.

"Whatever happens on the East Coast affects travelers here in Milwaukee. For anyone that's planning on traveling to those areas in the next few days, our best advice is to keep in touch with your airline. They're slowly getting back up to speed and getting flights going again, but it takes time to recover from something like this," McAdams said.

Barbara Shanahan, who works at Mitchell International Airport's info. desk says she tried to help one man get an earlier flight Wednesday so he could see New York before returning home to Russia, but she was told airport recovery in the northeast could take several days.

"They said they can't guarantee he could get out on the 5th or the 6th if he changed, and he paid all that money and he'd be out all that money to go out on the 10th anyway," Shanahan said.