Five Waukesha South H.S. students taken to hospital after car struck tree

WAUKESHA -- Waukesha police say five Waukesha South High School students were taken to the hospital from the scene of a crash that happened near Roberta Avenue and Sweetbriar Drive on Wednesday afternoon, April 6th.

The crash happened around 12:30 p.m.

Police say the vehicle the five teenage boys were in struck a tree.

One of the five students in the vehicle had to be taken to the hospital via Flight for Life. All were being treated for non-life threatening injuries.

FOX6 News spoke with a student who said all five students involved in the crash are juniors at Waukesha South. She said they were going to a nearby Dairy Queen restaurant for lunch when the crash happened.


"I looked at the car and I was like, 'I know who that is.' Two of the boys could stand. One of the boys was laying on the ground. He said his back kind of hurt. One of the boys was stuck in the passenger seat and couldn`t get out. The door was jammed," Sarini Vigo said.

Vigo realized her friend's brother was driving.

"She called because she saw and I was freaking out and she drove me there," Savannah Dagostini said.

Dagostini said she was relieved when she saw her twin brother.

"He got out of the car, was able to walk. He got scans because, before, his back was broken so we were really concerned about that but his back`s OK. His knee, he has to get stitches but he`s conscious, he`s OK -- just a couple scratches. He said he tried to see if everyone else was OK and he ended up helping the one who got Flight for Life," Dagostini said.

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