Fiserv Forum, Miller Park to serve as in-person, drive-thru early voting sites in general election

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and other city leaders announced on Monday, Aug. 31 new in-person and drive through early voting sites for the 2020 General Election. The two new locations announced will be Fiserv Forum and Miller Park.

"Because of the COVID challenges, it has become exceedingly more difficult I think for people to vote in the traditional way," said Mayor Barrett. "We were trying to find a way to allow people to come to a facility where there would be easy access, where it would be very very important to provide the social distancing, and that was centrally located in the city of Milwaukee."

Fiserv Forum will be open from Oct. 20 through Nov. 1 from 8 a.m. through 7 p.m. on weekdays -- and from 10 a.m. through 4 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

The dates and times for early voting at Miller Park have not yet been established. However, the vision is that the site will be for drive-thru voting. 

"You'll have several lanes to pull up make sure you're registered. If you're not, we'll get you registered and then when you receive your ballot. You'll go into a voting lot where you're not rushed," said Claire Woodall-Vogg of the Milwaukee Election Commission. 

Common Council President Cavalier Johnson

"When we vote, we determine who is going to be the person, or people, who represent us," said Common Council President Cavalier Johnson. "Not just that, we’re determining who is going to set the tone for our nation, for our city, for our state. We’re determining who is going to set the laws for our society, and that’s critically important to do."

Senior Vice President of the Milwaukee Bucks Alex Lasry

"By converting Fiserv Forum into a voting location, we can make sure everyone’s voice can be heard in a safe and responsible way," said Senior Vice President of the Milwaukee Bucks Alex Lasry.

The City of Milwaukee ordinarily sees 70% of individuals vote in-person and 20-30% individuals vote absentee. In the April election, the percentages flipped to reflect 20-30% of people voting in-person and 70% voting absentee.

Fiserv Forum, Miller Park

Both the Fiserv Forum and Miller Park will be used exclusively for early voting. Neither location will be used on Election Day. For that, the Milwaukee Election Commission has established 170 neighborhood-based voting locations.

Voters within Wisconsin can register to vote ahead of time by visiting

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