First lady tells black, Hispanic caucuses: "We need you"

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina (CNN) -- The reminder from the first lady needed no additional explanation -- "62 days."

As Charlotte woke up to dismal skies and the Democratic National Convention Committee was forced to change venues for Thursday because of forecasted bad weather, the pressure was on as Michelle Obama told excited crowds in separate remarks before the African American Caucus and the Hispanic Caucus that she was tired from her convention speech Tuesday night, but that the fight for re-election was urgent.

Speaking first to the African American Caucus crowd gathered in a large hall at the Charlotte Convention Center Wednesday morning, the first lady thanked the supporters for all their work but warned that the fight wasn't over, saying "we're going to need every single one of you out there."

Obama emphasized the last four years, citing her husband's "wisdom and experience" telling the caucus members "my husband has been an extraordinary president."

In an adjoining meeting room, the Hispanic Caucus crowd still buzzing from last night's keynote address made by the Democratic Party's emerging star, San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro.

Dressed in a green shift dress, the first lady implored the audience to "roll up their sleeves" and join the effort to re-nominate her husband, but strayed from her prepared comments when the excited caucus members began yelling out battleground states Obama said were crucial to the president's re-nomination.


"Yes!" the first lady affirmed.


"Keep it blue!" Michelle cheered back.


To raucous laughter, the first lady responded "I'm not sure about that one".

In what's been a common theme at both last week's Republican National Convention in Tampa and the DNC this week, women were prominently showcased at both caucus meetings with a solid lineup of leaders including Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, Donna Brazile and Labor Secretary Hilda Solis.

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