Firefighters, postal carriers work through the cold

FRANKLIN -- It's never comfortable when you go outside when it's in the single digits, but imagine if you have to work when it's that cold, and you're not given a second choice.

Firefighters with the Franklin Fire Department say they're always prepared and can operate efficiently in the cold, but when you have factors like snow, and gusty winds, they get slowed down. "The environment gets very slippery, and icy and so slips and falls are always a big problem, so we try to be aware of that so our guys do not get injured because of it," Chief James Martins said.

Martins says firefighters always have to be mindful of their surroundings. On Thursday morning, they were called to a warehouse fire in the Franklin Business Park. The fire was contained in fifteen minutes, but fire officials say, when it's this cold, they have to worry about their equipment from freezing.

Winter is also a dangerous time of year for postal workers like Tom Kuna. "It's pretty tough," Kuna said. Kuna averages 350 stops a day, carrying a bulky bag full of mail, many times through snow, while at the same time, keeping an eye on his feet. "Just one little piece of ice will put you on the ground," Kuna said.

Kuna says it's just another winter day for him -- a 14-year veteran, and he tries to think about more pleasant things on his route. "I'd rather be in Florida myself," Kuna said. "You've got to dress in layers and just keep moving."

If you want to make a postal worker's life easier during the colder months, the U.S. Post Office recommends you shovel your walkways and throw down some rock salt. If you receive curbside mail, shovel around your mailbox so there's a clear path for mail carriers.