Fighting for his job: Christopher Manney files appeal

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Fired Milwaukee Police Officer, Christopher Manney, has filed an appeal to fight back against his termination. Manney is the officer who shot and killed Dontre Hamilton in Red Arrow Park back in April.

The latest effort comes just two days after his termination. Manney has obtained a lawyer. And not only does he want his job back, he's also looking for money since being kicked off payroll.

The letter was hand delivered on Friday, October 17th, to the Fire and Police Commission. Christopher Manney writes, "I hereby appeal from personnel order 2014-102 of the chief of police of the Milwaukee Police Department, discharging me from service."

On October 15th, Police Chief Ed Flynn terminated Manney for violating the values of the police department when he dealt with 31-year-old Dontre Hamilton -- who relatives say was schizophrenic.

"We've got training and protocols that guide our approach to people that are apparently mentally ill. Going hands-on with a pat-down that was not justified by a reasonable suspicion resulted in the confrontation," said Flynn.

Manney shot and killed Hamilton after police say Hamilton took Manney's baton during a struggle and hit the officer with it.

"That is an incredibly traumatic situation that an officer may be forced into," Michael Crivello said.

Michael Crivello, President of the Milwaukee Police Association, is not only outraged over Manney's discharge, but also supports his efforts to still be paid.

"When he's terminated, he is immediately off the payroll," said Crivello.

Two days before being fired, Manney applied for duty disability retirement. In the application, Manney claims this incident has left him with 'debilitating mental health issues.'

"You can only imagine the trauma that an officer has to go through when the necessity of a situation forces him to use deadly force," said Crivello.

A panel of doctors will review Manney's request for duty disability. If the benefit is approved, he could get 75% of his final average salary tax-free as a disability pension benefit until he is eligible for full retirement.

The benefit process could take from 90 days to a year for a decision to be made. As for the appeal, it's state law that they have to wait 60 days before a hearing can be scheduled.

We have attached a link if you would like to read all of Christopher Manney's appeal letter.

Manney, Christopher Appeal Letter