Fighting back: Gov. Walker on the offensive after criminal allegations

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Documents that are part of a John Doe investigation that began in 2012, were once released, but parts were redacted. Thursday, June 19th, a judge ruled all unedited documents should be released. Although no charges have been filed against the governor or any member of his staff, the issue has caused a political stir.

At a first glance, the headlines are damning. Just below the fold on Friday's New York Times: 'Governor Walker at Center of Cast Fund-Raising Case'. Click after click articles in other national publications are putting Governor Scott Walker in the national spotlight.

"The media jumps on this. Some on the left spin this. You get detractors trying to claim there is something more to this," said John McAdams, Marquette University associate professor of political science.

Friday morning, June 20th Governor Walker sits down for a live interview on FOX & Friends. It's to defend against accusations he illegally coordinated fundraising with outside conservative groups to help him and others survive the 2012 recall elections. Prosecutors alleged funds were funneled through political groups that are not required to show how the money is spent.

"OK, tell us what you did!' 'Well, don`t just take my words for it.  Look at the facts," said Walker.

Several times throughout the interview, Walker points to the two judge, one state judge, and one federal, who have ruled on the case.

"Both judges said, they didn't buy the argument.  They didn't think anything was done that was illegal," said McAdams.

Walker may be in the clear, McAdams says he still needs to change public perception.

"If it was really a criminal conspiracy, why aren't there charges?" said McAdams.

And with continued explanations from Walker directly.

"There would have to be some evidence that no one has seen of illegal coordination," said McAdams.

McAdams expects more counter measures from the governor in the coming days.