FEED A HERO: An opportunity to show your appreciation of health care workers, 1st responders

MILWAUKEE -- We all want to help during this coronavirus pandemic. But that is tough to do when you are also being asked to stay at home. That is why FOX6 is so proud of the FEED A HERO campaign. It is an opportunity to show your appreciation of health care workers and first responders.

On the FEED A HERO page, you will see a list of hospitals, fire departments, police departments, and other first responders who would welcome a meal from a restaurant near them. There are dozens of restaurants all over southeast Wisconsin from which to choose.

One of the restaurants pitching in is Black Sheep in Milwaukee's Walker's Point neighborhood. There, Mike Sorge and Chef Patrick Murphy took a call from FOX6. With proper notice, they were more than happy to prepare lunch for 13 firefighters.

FOX6 settled up, packed up, and made a quick trip downtown to Milwaukee Fire Department Station #2. We know firefighters can cook. But they also appreciate letting chefs do their thing every now and then.

It has been a tough stretch for the crews at this station. They were first on the scene of the Miller Brewing shooting in February -- and the coronavirus has added one more obstacle in their line of business.

The lunch from Black Sheep was one way to say thanks. The goal now is to make sure all first responders feel the love.

"There are 31 firehouses in the city -- and our busiest are in the inner city. We want to make sure that if people are looking, they're the ones running all the time," said Lt. Michael Ball of the Milwaukee Fire Department.

You will notice area hospitals are on that list. But we cannot stress enough -- you need to go through them as they all have very specific guidelines. Their restrictions and contacts are on the FEED A HERO page.

The meals are very appreciated. But there is a protocol that needs to be followed -- and usually requires a 24-hour notice.