'Fart on Demand' is now a feature in Tesla vehicles

As if we needed any more proof that Elon Musk is as guylike as guys can get, Tesla has unveiled a new Easter egg—a surprise bonus feature—that's sure to please everyone's inner Cletus Klump.

TechCrunch reports on the company's new "Emissions Testing Mode," which you can activate to send out fart noises whenever you put your turn signal on, or to spew out fake flatulence "on demand."

There are six settings for various types of farts—you can hear "Ludicrous Fart," "Short Shorts Ripper," "Boring Fart," and others here—plus a seventh setting that picks a gassy option at random.

Musk has hinted he's considering adding a "fart on demand" option to the mobile app as well.

Jalopnik reports on two other new Tesla Easter eggs: a "Romance Mode" setting that lets you activate a virtual crackling fireplace on your car's LCD screen, and "Pole Position," which lets you use your Tesla's steering wheel to play a version of the classic video game. (Musk says there's a 70% chance he ends up on Mars.)

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