Fans attempt to get glimpse of McCartney before concert

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Fans gathered outside the Pfister Hotel in downtown Milwaukee to try to sneak a look at Paul McCartney before his concert at Miller Park on Tuesday, July 16th. Both young and old Beatles enthusiasts were eager to see the musician and some hoped to snap a picture or two with their smart phones.

Elizabeth Zettel arrived at the Pfister Hotel at 9 a.m. and planned to stay until 7 p.m. She came to the hotel armed with memorabilia for McCartney to sign.

"He's got a good smooth voice I like a lot," Zettel said. "He's an inspiration to me."

12-year-old Xavier Metina was among McCartney's younger fans. He came to the Pfister Hotel with his uncle - along with 15 albums for McCartney to autograph.

Unfortunately for the fans, McCartney was not staying at the Pfister Hotel - but other members of the band were.Upon arrival to the airport that day, Paul McCartney was headed straight to Miller Park for the concert.

Metina, however, still ended up getting an autograph from a musician named Paul. Paul Wickens, the keyboardist for McCartney, gave Metina his signature. Despite the disappointment of not seeing McCartney at the Pfister, the 12-year-old was not put down.

"Now we're going to try the airport," Metina said. "Hopefully, we see him there."

This isn't McCartney's first visit to Milwaukee. He came to the area in 1964. Milwaukee was the 12th stop on their first American tour.