Family warns others about common virus that sent son to hospital

INDIANAPOLIS — An Indiana family is warning others after a virus that began with a minor stomach ache left a 3-year-old boy hospitalized.

Colton Roth has now spent more than a week at Peyton Manning Children's Hospital at St. Vincent, Indianapolis recovering from an adenovirus infection.

His parents want to share his story in hopes of spreading awareness of the virus, which can impact anyone – from newborn babies to adults.

The adenovirus is very common, but for some people it can cause greater harm.

"People that are more susceptible to severe illness with this would be people with a compromised immune system or underlying cardiac disease or respiratory disease," Riley's Director of Infection Prevention Adam Karcz said.

That's what happened to 3-year-old Colton Roth.

"Colton didn’t show any signs. He didn’t have a fever. He was not puking, there was really nothing other than him sleeping; which is abnormal and then rapid breathing takes over," Colton's mom Kim Roth said.

Colton’s parents say he went into the hospital last Tuesday and the virus turned into pneumonia.

The Roth family says it’s important to watch for signs in your children.

"If your child is acting out of sorts; whether they are showing signs or not take them in immediately," Kim said.

"The most common symptoms would be very similar to like your common cold or common flu, where you are going to get a fever, sore throat, runny nose, congestion. (Adenovirus) can lead into a more severe form of that if you get pneumonia, bronchitis," Karcz said.

There are no treatments or vaccinations for the virus.

"The treatment for this is basically supportive, so the signs and the symptoms you see with the adenovirus, your physician will usually treat," Karcz said.

The best way to avoid getting it is to wash your hands and for sick people to cover the mouths.

"Staying away from ill people. If you’re sick stay home," Karcz said.

Colton isn’t out of the woods yet, but his parents are hoping he recovers soon and gets back to his normal self.

"Continue to pray that we keep seeing positivity and Colton will come out of this and we will have him home shortly," Kim said.

Learn more about the common virus over on the CDC's website.