Family outraged by request to reduce bail for Kelly Duke

MILWAUKEE -- The surviving family of Ed and Jean Thaves is outraged by a request from the attorney of Kelly Duke. Duke is accused of causing a fatal crash near 27th and St. Paul in Milwaukee onNew Year's Day; a crash that killed Ed and Jean Thaves.

On Tuesday, the district attorney's office informed the Thaves family that Duke's attorney, Michael Chernin, "will seek a significant reduction in bail during a hearing scheduled for February 2."

In a statement released Tuesday afternoon, the Thaves family said, "Arguing Mr. Duke’s bail should be reduced because he is father to an 8-month year old child is troubling– what kind of role model is an individual who flees the scene of a horrific crash without even the humanity to check whether two people are alive.

"We demand Judge David Borowski deny the request to reduce bail and send a clear message that Mr. Duke’s disregard for life and the law will not be tolerated."

Duke has pleaded not guilty to two counts of homicide by intoxicated use of a motor vehicle. His trial date has not been set.